2018/10/17 9:20:22 PM UTC

@vertigo @jasper @yogthos Scheme is a lot leaner and easier to learn though.

Also forth and scheme are really about minimalism (although there's a lot of code that shows the opposite), and I have found stimulating effects in using both...

But then I also think that of Smalltalk....

2018/10/17 9:22:10 PM UTC

@vertigo @yogthos @jasper

Yes, it's huge. But there's stuff like Cuis which has just 500 classes and has minimalism as a design goal. Or 'A little smalltalk' a non graphical implementation of smalltalk based on the blue book...

2018/10/17 9:29:45 PM UTC

@vertigo @yogthos @jasper

That's maybe due to a lot of 'undefined behaviour' in the scheme spec. but in any scheme system the basics are all there, and maybe more.

Yet, yes there's more of a struggle between a minimalistic system and minimalistic language.

Forth has no system to speak of, so apart from the commercial Forths noone thought of them in that way.... Not even chuck I dare say.