@bugaevc That's a nice idea!

I would highlight the commands differently, the output of commands is important and reducing the contrast here is counterproductive imho. Maybe just use a different color or underline them? cursive? IDK

@grainloom @bugaevc Both of you are not contradicting each other there :)

@grainloom @bugaevc

TBH all these fancy shell prompts and such are getting pretty ridiculous. If you are using a graphical UI it should take advantage of that. So far all we have are some weird terminal emulators with a baud rate setting.

That has to change

@grainloom @bugaevc

None of this is portable in any way. That's why we are still stuck with what we have. Every wanted to know how the graphical shells change their title? There are some escape sequences for that. Icky stuff...

@lanodan @Shamar @bugaevc


Or plan9's htmlfmt

@lanodan @Shamar @grainloom

Escape sequences on their own are dangerous enough.

@grainloom @Shamar @lanodan @bugaevc @lord

I'd love to see more sixel support :)

@grainloom @Shamar @lanodan @bugaevc @lord

On a more serious note: the disability to just render images on screen is the serial line interface heritage.

Plan 9's graphical windows are just graphical windows, you can blit anything on them. Even the shell could, no special support required (apart from generating the right pixels).