2020/01/14 2:14:04 PM UTC

tech, ActivityPub
@zatnosk That's a bit like isn't it?

2020/01/14 2:18:50 PM UTC

tech, ActivityPub

@ckeen yeah, it's a similar concept. Except here it would be a subset of a single account you'd follow, so the general semantics is more or less the same as what is presented in client's UI already.

Guppe groups - while a usable hack - are far below in usability compared to what an integrated group feature would/could look like in supporting servers and clients.

(I have a lot of opinions when it comes to federated groups, and this approach is NOT one I like)

2020/01/14 2:20:47 PM UTC

tech, ActivityPub
@zatnosk Ah, I think I have understood your idea better now, thanks for clarifying.

2020/01/14 2:22:14 PM UTC

tech, ActivityPub

@ckeen (ouch, I just saw you replied to my post before I rewrote a sentence. Rewritten thread is here: )

2020/01/14 2:23:10 PM UTC

tech, ActivityPub
@zatnosk aahj, yeah updates are a pain on pleroma. Sorry for the confusion!

2020/01/14 2:25:13 PM UTC

@ckeen no worries. I made some links, so it should be possible to reconstruct the conversation in the future ^^

(I'm using and hashtags in the original post to index the thread, so links from there is usable the next time I dig into one of those hashtags)