2020/03/25 10:40:48 PM UTC

the temptation to set up a BSD machine grows strongers

2020/03/25 10:41:27 PM UTC

but i promised myself i'd be finishing projects, so no new ones for now..... sadly.

2020/03/25 10:47:59 PM UTC

@grainloom OpenBSD 6.5 and upwards now has a reliable sysupgrade process, which makes looking after them in the long term a bit easier.

2020/03/25 10:49:39 PM UTC

@yojimbo i hope reliable means atomic, because i'd miss that a lot after using guix for a while

2020/03/25 11:08:29 PM UTC

@yojimbo either it fully succeeds or nothing happens. seems doable with ZFS and the sysupdgrade manpage makes it look like it's making use of some ZFS features.

2020/03/25 11:11:24 PM UTC

@grainloom Right. It's difficult to be sure from the manpage what protections are in place, but this is OpenBSD - it probably bulls ahead and just does its thing regardless.
Not suggesting that it doesn't have error detection & avoidance, just that it might prefer to leave fixes up to the sysadmin as a manual task rather than be more fully defensive.