@ademalsasa Glad to spread the word :)

@ademalsasa There is also the project, which enables small scale selfhosting including a small fediverse server.

What video conferencing free software do you use everyday?

Please share your solutions.


Please boosts if you want to make people aware of ethical alternatives to Zoom or Google Meet.

@ademalsasa BBB is great for larger events like lectures, but for conferences with fewer people I prefer Jitsi and its modern UI/UX. For calls with just one contact I always use (encrypted) messengers, mostly @threemaapp.

@ademalsasa Matrix + Element for 1-1 video calls. Works well as long as your home server is up to date.

@ademalsasa Nextcloud Talk

@ademalsasa I rarely use video conferencing software, I don't need it (not on a daily basis, at least). I have used jitsi, I've never heard of bbb. I boost to make people aware that such software exists

@sabrinaweb71 thanks, Sabrina.

@ademalsasa i use to videocall

@ademalsasa I used to host my own jitsi, but after I wiped the server bu acident I not been bothered to set it up again. I don,t do that many video calls, but I have been meaning to test out nextcloud talk as I have it setup

@Twelve nice, thanks for sharing.

@ademalsasa Micro$oft Teams because my school forces me to do so. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

@anedroid so unfortunate, my friend. Sorry to hear that.

You can read Free Software recommendations at

On a side note, we may remember this list with Jitsi instances around the world, likely preferable over

I haven't yet seen anything similar for BBB, although there are public/$free offers in NZL, DEU, CHE ... ...

@wuerglerit thank you very very much. Bookmarked instantly.

@ademalsasa Just a note, the site is actually

@Linux_in_a_Bit thank you, thank you, thank you, saved instantly.

@Linux_in_a_Bit @ademalsasa I would never recomend a libre Open Sourceโ„ข campaign that gets rid of the "GNU" term.

Introducing people to the wrong, market-driven, approach to FLOSS would be more harmful then leave them using Windowsยฎ.

I don't use GNU/Linux only because it is faster, steadier and more private.

I use it because it preserves my liberties and by doing so it was able to evolve into so many different forms.

@olamundo thank you very much, Amigo, for your opinion. I agree with you. This is the right time to share GNU Users Who Have Never Heard of GNU:


@Linux_in_a_Bit @ademalsasa "In conclusion, stop saying GNU/Linux"

"Hey, throw away your values, just because I am careless and I don't care for them."


@olamundo @ademalsasa
I'm sorry for how I wrote that, and I didn't intend those posts to be interpreted as an attack on anyone's values. I failed to find the right wording to properly state the point I was making. If you want, you can choose to watch this video to understand what I was trying to explain:

@Linus_in_a_Bit @ademalsasa As someone who repeatedly worked on projects - sometimes more then my colleagues - and gotten little to no appreciation, I feel bad for the fact that we only have the Linux kernels, all the distros, even Android because of the movement Stallman started, yet it is brushed away by the more market-friendly Open Sourceโ„ข.

While the two aren't enemies or opposing views per se, when GNU is completely removed and when Free/Libre and Open Source Software is refered just as "OSS", I feel it is a attack on all that was conquered.
I feel that it is the appropriation of communitary human effort by the Big Tech.

@ademalsasa Does count as ? Or does it have to be ?

@realcaseyrollins hi casey, Discord is not free software.

We use Jitsi Meet (or BBB) for video conference meetings.

As a suggestion, I always look at FSF and GNU when I am not sure whether one popular solution (like Discord) is free software or not. If FSF or GNU makes use that solution, like Mastodon, without further explanation, then I can be sure that is free software.

@ademalsasa @realcaseyrollins

There are a few free discord clients like the pidgin plugin, but I think it's against the ToS.

@iska Sure, but you can't make an account without running the nonfree JavaScript for the captcha and probably coughing up a phone number.
They are against the ToS - mostly because they don't like not being able to spy on you more than what they can do with the messages you post (you would think that would be more than enough to sate them, but no).

@colinsmatt11 @Suiseiseki @arya

yeah, people drive themselves into that pit and don't have any willpower to leave it.
Thankfully I did blobcatsunglassesโ€‹

@iska @colinsmatt11 @Suiseiseki @arya Why are you saying and aren't free? I use them for free.

@realcaseyrollins @colinsmatt11 @Suiseiseki @arya

Free as in freedom. Not free like being jailed

@iska @colinsmatt11 @Suiseiseki @arya Ah the "free as in libre not free as in free" thingy. Very confusing nomenclature.

That's why I differentiate between free and software.

@realcaseyrollins >Why are you saying #Discord and #JavaScript aren't free? I use them for free.
They may be gratis, but they take your freedom, so are nonfree.
>Very confusing nomenclature.
I've thought about the meanings of "free" and I've concluded that using "free" to mean "zero price" is really a misuse of the term, that really doesn't even make any sense, as payment is gained is some other way, thus not being free (but such is sadly prevalent - but seemingly recently not as prevalent).
Once someone grasps that price isn't being refereed to, it is clear we're talking about things like being; "free from chains", "free from handcuffs" and "free from cages".
>That's why I differentiate between free and #FOSS software.
The only reason "open source" exists is to attempt to cover up the ideals of free software, so I condemn such totally.
Also, "free open source software" has often be misused to mean; gratis, source available software, so that's really a poor term.
If you really wish to be neutral between free software and "open source", "FLOSS" is a truly neutral term.


I'm very confused; what's the difference between and ? It just sounds like a way to refer to in a way that shoehorns the word in it for fun.

I'm seeing a lot of rhetoric in this thread that refers to as a bad thing, something antithetical to content that is truly free (not freeware such as ), yet I haven't seen much evidence of this being the case. All of the software I can think of--like , , , etc.--doesn't really have anything antithetical to ideals.

And it's not like I'm too dumb to understand your hoity-toity words, that's not the problem; the problem is mostly that I want to use words in ways that most people will understand. If I run around saying that isn't free in public, people will look at me like a physcho, and rightly so.

@realcaseyrollins @Suiseiseki FOSS and FLOSS both mean the same thing, FLOSS is just trying to make it clear that "free" means "freedom" not price. "Free" is ambiguous - Discord is free as in price. Minetest is both FOSS and FLOSS.

I actually thought that FLOSS meant Freely-licensed open source software, which I think is a less weird way to say it. People understand "freely" to mean freedom without adding french/latin words

@realcaseyrollins >what's the difference between #FOSS and #FLOSS
>something antithetical to content that is truly free
Please do not devalue things by referring to them as "content".
>All of the #FOSS software I can think of--like #Handbrake, #YouTubeDL, #Minetest
Handbrake is licensed under the GPLv2, which does not say "open" in it.
Some versions of youtube-dl are licensed under public domain, which "open source" does not apply to, as that's not a copyright license.
Recent versions of youtube-dl are under the Unlicense, which doesn't say "open" in it either.
The software parts of minetest are licensed under LGPLv2.1+ and/or Apache 2.0, which doesn't say "open in it".
As for the art etc, such is under the CC-BY-SA-3.0 (no "open") and fonts under; OFL 1.1 (which actually says "open", but source code doesn't pertain to fonts usually).
So that's all free software that you are labeling as "open source".
>is mostly that I want to use words in ways that most people will understand. If I run around saying that #Discord isn't free in public, people will look at me like a physcho, and rightly so.
Clearing up the confusion is very simple, all you need to say beforehand is; "When I say free, I mean free as in freedom, not as in price." and any listeners won't make the same mistake again.
Meanwhile, good luck explaining the 10 requirements of "open source" to people.
You should probably run around saying that Discord is proprietary malware instead if you can't be bothered clarifying what you mean by nonfree.

@Suiseiseki @realcaseyrollins the homepage of Minetest says "open source". Minetest is both free software and open source because it matches both definitions

@realcaseyrollins Free Software has to meet the 4 necities of freedom. Charging for Free Software is totally legit.

@fu thanks for reminding. See also Selling Free Software is OK!


What's your Free Software recommendation?

I use these . Please share yours. Boosts are highly appreciated.

gnu Operating System

kde Desktop

libreoffice Office Suite

firefox Web Browser

thunderbird Email Client

๐Ÿ”’ Password Manager

๐Ÿ“ž Video Call

inkscape Graphic Design



Operating system:
Fedora fedora

GNOME gnome

Office suite:
LibreOffice ๐Ÿ“˜

Web browser(s):
Firefox/GNOME Web (A.K.A. Epiphany) firefox ๐ŸŒ

Password manager:
Bitwarden ๐Ÿ”’

Video calling:
Jitsi ๐Ÿ“ฒ

Photo editor:
GIMP gimp

Video editor:
Kdenlive kde

@theyounggreenbaron this list is very good. Thanks for sharing.

win 31
wordperfect 51
ie explorer
yahoo webmail
messenger live

@qualcu hello, you can learn Free Software Definition at Wish you the best.

Debian testing
i3 / Openbox
Profanity / Dino
Toxic / Simplex
Tor browser

@lukaso666 very nice list. I'm glad you mentioned Nextcloud, my friend.

@ademalsasa I use/recommend:
- Arch Linux arch_linux
- KDE kde
- Sway swayโ€‹
- Neovim vim
- LibreOffice
- Mozilla Firefox firefox
- Neomutt:
- Password Store:
- Jitsi Meet
- GIMP gimp
- Inkscape inkscape

me right now?its not a recommendation cause i dont like some of em but here list:

linux (artix)
android (its also linux, i know)
proton mail
ublock origin
tor browser (for sus sites and hardcore searches)
codeberg (gitea)
bitsy/mosi (game editor cause i do such things)
microstudio (same reason)

i dont save passwords neither listen music often so i dont use such things

@ademalsasa fitted hardly in 500 chars, yes

Arch Linux (install script will serve most base cases well)
Thunderbird/Web UI
Tor browser (read about how it does and doesn't keep you safe)
Element (matrix chat client)


I currently use -

OS: Manjaro, EndeavourOS, Bodhi
Desktop: XFCE, Openbox, Moksha
Office Suite: LibreOffice
Web Browser: Firefox, Brave
Email Client: Thunderbird
Password: KeepassXC

Arch linux
Kde connect

K-9 mail
Metro(music player)
Material files
Kiss launcher
Librera pro


OS: KDE Neon kdeneonโ€‹

Desktop: KDE Plasma, ofc kdeโ€‹

Office Suite: LibreOffice, CryptPad

Web Browser: Firefox firefoxโ€‹

Password Manager: BitWarden

My guess, this is a pretty common combination on Fedi! blobcatgiggleโ€‹

@frankie hello, KDE friends!

Do you support ?

You may consider contributing to User Manual to help foster the adoption of one of the best GitHub alternatives and replacements.

Codeberg is a Germany-based service based upon free software and, unlike GitHub, publicly involves their users in the development.

Please boost if you agree.

Codeberg, a GitHub alternative

Do you have Codeberg account?

Please boost if you are a programmer.

Hi @alcinnz, thanks for boosting, you are the first programmer.

@ademalsasa No account, but I'm intending to set up a gitea instance before I do any personal coding.


I use a different gitea instance.

@bill thanks nice also.


I opted to run my own Gitea instance, so I don't. But I like Gitea, so far.

I have some special needs, or from another perspective, intend to seriously strain the software.

I felt it would be a little abusive to treat a free public resource like Codeberg that way. I also had to set some NGINX and Gitea parameters to handle larger files without choking.

Works, though. So far, anyway. My instance can handle multi-gigabyte blobs, as needed for my animation production files.

@TerryHancock I've got a very deep insight and experience here. Thank you, Sir, for sharing such valuable thing.

@ademalsasa saving this post as a resource. Thanks

@saenzjj hello, hello, nice to hear that. Nice to find a new friend from Alaska too. Greetings from Indonesia. Danke schรถn.


Yes of course, I can't imagine it without @codeberg .

@ademalsasa I don't have public open source projects. As soon as that changes I know where to go ๐Ÿ˜…

@carce nice to hear that. Please keep your free software development.

Wow, Man, @codeberg helped boosting my post about Codeberg. This feels truly amazing.

@Duke64 thanks, my friend!

@ademalsasa I've been having a Codeberg account for more than two years now but I am not a programmer, so won't boost. (git, issue tracking, pages etc. is useful for other tasks as well, e.g. for editing and publishing things on the web.)

@acka47 hello, I am also having Codeberg account since its first inception and am not a programmer also. Thanks for participating!

Hi my friend @Zergling_man, thanks for boosting my post once again. Let's support .

@ademalsasa Yes, I do. And I am also a paying member of Codeberg e.V., the association running the show. The 48โ‚ฌ/year I used to spend on GitHub now go to them.

@jwildeboer very moving! Thanks for the inspiration, Jan.


I have an @fdroidorg and @codeberg exhibition since august 2020 in berlin

and in september in dresden.

So - i โค๏ธ and

@mondstern very motivating! Thanks for the inspiration, my friend.

@fdroidorg @codeberg

@ademalsasa It wasn't really an emotional thing. I like Gitea, Codeberg does a fantastic job, IMHO, and I prefer to pay for good service :) I hope many more not only start using Codeberg but also help them grow by donating time or money :)

@ademalsasa Nah.

I ran a private gitea instance for a bit, but wasn't a fan. SourceHut better fits my tastes.

I'm glad that CodeBerg/Gitea exist for the people who prefer it, but it's not for me.

@ademalsasa Ironically, I have just recently signed up to codeberg a few minutes ago. Still learning how to use it, but looking great so far.

@Jared welcome to Codeberg. I'm also there, my friend.

@ademalsasa I'm using sourcehut!

@arcade thanks for sharing Sourcehut. I'm at Sourcehut too, my friend.

@ademalsasa I use lol

@blenderdumbass hello, thanks for sharing I'm also at Notabug, my friend, and even since long before Codeberg. Please share more.

For what purpose do you use KiCAD?

Please boost if you use .

Have you ever heard of OneDev?

Think about GitLab, but smaller, simpler, lighter, with GUI and CI/CD all fits in a Docker container.

This can be an alternative to for programmers who . Please boost if you are a programmer.

Further readings:


Source code:

OneDev, a rich-featured and lightweight GitHub and GitLab alternative

@ademalsasa looks like could benefit even more from -style federation. Do you know if some attemts are under way there?

@mray thanks for your insight! I'm sorry I'm not a programmer, I don't know about that, and excited to know if any.

Hello respected organizations @fsf and @conservancy, what is your opinion about OneDev, a code forge similar to Gitea and Codeberg, regarding ? I shared OneDev above. Thank you very much.

@ademalsasa Never Heard of it tough I use and have experience in using like services , But thanks I will definitely dig some information about it๐Ÿ™‚.

@pichan hi, glad to hear that. Please keep your good projects and nice to find one more fellow Codeberg friend here. Greetings from Indonesia.

This poll above is 1 day left with 900 people already participating and still counting.

It is about and as a solution.

Would you join us to boost and reshare? Please share your opinion if you don't mind.

Thank you.

One hour left and it's just a few to 1000 people participating.

If you are a programmer, please participate in the poll above.

It's about and as a solution.

Boosts are highly appreciated.

My Recommended Video Editors

What's yours? Please share your opinions and experiences too.





Blender 3D


Ubuntu Studio

LibreAV Community

Please boost if you love video editing and multimedia.

Ubuntu Studio, a free operating system fully equipped with audio visual tools including video editors.


Should probably also be in the list:


@ademalsasa Uh, Cinelerra sounds pretty neat (cept for the name ...).

@jfml at first, I also could not appreciate Cinelerra, but once one friend told me it is the best video editor of both free software and GNU/Linux worlds, I understood it. Also, it's the oldest of all video editors we had now under free licenses.

@ademalsasa Do you prefer any of these over others (for specific purposes?)?

I've used Kdenlive and Blender a tiny bit for super light editing, Natron's docs where nonexistant, didn't like Openshot iirc. Isn't Ubuntu Studio a distro and not a video editor? Or does it have one?

@jfml I currently prefer OpenShot as my needs are just very simple. So is LibreAV not a video editor but a community of people. I mentioned them for people to research further and find your friends in multimedia.

@masi thank you very much for mentioning Olive, my friend!

@ademalsasa I've used Blender & Kdenlive and so far the experience is top notch ๐Ÿ˜Ž

So there are two friends who use a combo of Blender + Kdenlive today, @jfml and @pichan. Thanks for sharing. I hope I could see some screenshots of your hard work.

What's your printer that works with GNU/Linux?

Please share the brand and model. For example, mine is Canon MP160 and it works with 100% free software distro, , without manually installing driver.

Please share to boost adoption of GNU/Linux in professional works and offices. Thank you.

Canon MP160, a printer with multifunction scanner and photocopy, works with GNU/Linux like Trisquel and Ubuntu without manual installation of drivers.

@ademalsasa Anything that says Brother and including their mfc. They have linux drivers for everything on their website if your distro doesn't simply 'make it work'.

@gemlog >They have linux drivers for everything on their website
As far as I am aware, brother provides drivers for CUPS, not Linux, but that driver is nonfree, as it requires agreeing to an EULA.

But that isn't a problem, as gutenprint ( and brlaser are CUPS drivers that support the vast majority of brother printers.

Really, every printer that isn't insanely specialized with a bunch of fancy features should just work, with no special driver required, as CUPS has supported driveless printing for a while.

@Suiseiseki Most often the printer is simply found on install. You need the drivers from the site always for the scanner in my experience.
Getting the physical scan button to work with *any* scanner, ever is always the tricky bit.

Do you know Yunohost?

If you love self-hosting, please boost.

Yunohost GNU/Linux, a server operating system based on Debian with easy to use GUI designed for self-hosting purposes and enabling everyone to have their own servers. See

@ademalsasa they are on fedi, too: @yunohost

@rysiek thank you, my friend. Followed already.


@ademalsasa @gemlog I love Yunohost! Iโ€™ve been using it for a couple years now and itโ€™s awesome.

It seems longer, but I converted one vms to yunohost just this past january.
It's pretty cool. Some packages for applications are broken, but it is overall a Good Thing :-)

@gemlog that's impressive, my friend.


So impressive that I had to reinstall the entire OS and start over like 6 times that afternoon! :-)
I kept 'helping' it...
But complicated management scripts like yunohost are very brittle and don't take kindly to the earth moving under their feet!
Eventually, I stopped doing all the things I usually do to move into a new server and then things were fine - as long as I kept my grubby little fingers out of it :-)
As of now, the *only* changes I made manually were to ssh and to the ownership of one folder in /var, so a remote cronjob could write to it.

My (ok, old) DCP-135c has a driver incorporating some binary that segfaults every time. Unless I start it directly, then it does nothing. Scanner, on the other hand, works flawlessy from the start.

DCP-135c is circa 2008. Probably the binary has bit rot being compiled for a kernel that's too old now.
It's nice that brother has been supporting linux for so many years now, but *if* you had the source code to the driver... a quick recompile and you'd be good to go again.

@gemlog @ademalsasa I have had similar experience. I did download and install a mega raid package for the raid card and a ups power manager package. It will politely shut itself down during a power failure now. You can manage the firewall with the yunohost command and you can renew ssl certs there. What I do is every 90 days or so I open port 80 on the firewall and renew all the letโ€™s encrypt certs and then close port 80. Yuno host is happy to auto renew them but if you close port 80 letโ€™s encrypt wonโ€™t issue. Glad you are all setup now.

Nice setup!
I haven't controlled a ups in my life. I have installed them locally on client file servers and business computers. Best use of control was STONITH with DRBD :-)
I only have had public facing servers in NOCs like netnation and contabo, real iron and vps.

@gemlog @ademalsasa I tried and struggled self hosting with spectrum internet. They have abysmal upstream speeds. Google WebPass the fiber equivalent for apartments rolled out and it made it so I can reliably use the services away from home too. :-) I do have to upgrade the host soon. Itโ€™s only 4 core and 8 gigs of ram so it doesnโ€™t like transcoding video or running mastodon and those are the next two tasks Iโ€™d like to do. Anyhow hope yunohost works well for you!

Thanks! Like I said, it's been working fine since the first day and that was 6 months ago now.
This weekend marked a major upgrade of debian and that went well too. No complaints.

There is fibre to every residence in my town, but I'm on the cheapest cable plan available. I use vps in germany for only โ‚ฌ4/month, so I have two of them.
In business, 15 years ago, I remember paying $240CAD/month for nearly the same thing, but with real iron down in texas.

@ademalsasa I couldn't understand their website... ๐Ÿคท

Is it something like the FreedomBox? ๐Ÿค”

@freezr perhaps because they don't explicitly say that they are a GNU/Linux distro on the front page. Yes, it is similar to Freedombox GNU/Linux.

@gemlog thanks for sharing your valuable experience so generously! I'd love to hear more about Yunohost from you, my friend.


Peazip is a free archive manager software.

It is a libre alternative to the proprietary (nonfree) Windows Explorer and WinRAR software.

It is available for GNU/Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Peazip, a free archive manager software.

@ademalsasa It does just the job and you can also choose to extract files in a new folder automatically. It may already be a feature for other archive managers but this feature is useful for me.

@ademalsasa @freezr Except that FreedomBox is not yet another distribution, but a Debian Pure Blend (a core part of Debian itself).

@Wopu hello my new friend.

I'm teaching migrations from Windows to GNU/Linux and Peazip is one of my curriculum.

It is necessary to help people getting used to Free Software as early as possible and eventually ready to fully switching to GNU/Linux.

Glad to find a new friend like you.

@ademalsasa Not only @mnw , but our friend @elias in Taiwan also uses yunohost.
Mastodon is a great place for meeting people with similar interests.

Oh? I switched from apache to nginx over a decade ago. I find it a lot less complicated to use and makes more sense to me. I was only cargo-culting apache along for years.
@ademalsasa @mnw

Ha ha! :-)
"I just use " thing-gemlog-never-heard-of !
I used "Install custom app " for a flat site I update via ssh cronjob, but I didn't know redirect_ynh was there.
I've never needed docker, so it wasn't until last night, at your suggestion, that I installed and ran it for searxng here at home.
I was going to put it on my other non-ynh vps, because it seemed simpler than fighting ynh and breaking it, because I know how to do it manually.
@ademalsasa @mnw

@ademalsasa Courses ?

@Wopu yes.

@gemlog wow, thank you very much for mentioning new friend to Hello, @elias, nice to find a new Yunohost friend.

KDE's Dolphin file manager (installed by default) does all those things already no? I imagine that Nautilus/Nemo also do the same in gnome. What is the advantage to running an extra gui program vs right-clicking in w/e file manager you normally use?

@ademalsasa You did my work more easy friend !
For a long time I was looking for a good replacement for the WinZip Rar . Peazip is really such a great replacement for it .
Keep Giving More Content Like This ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘

@pichan hey, what a nice comment, my friend! Yes, Peazip is one part of the curriculum I taught in my GNU/Linux classroom for Windows users.

@elias nice to find you. Hi there too.


@ademalsasa Ricoh Aficio SP 3510DN laser for small offices. Zero set up. Found it and started printing.

Ricoh 3510DN laser printer

@basedot thank you very much, this kind of printer recommendation is exactly what I am looking for. Bookmarked.

When was the started?

Let's toot and boost.

In the beginning, it was a very small place in form of social networks, interconnected to each others.

Now, look at , the biggest twitter-like fedi, and today we even have , a podcasting fedi, with 5 millions users and it's still counting.

The world's starting to accept it.

It pushes the creation & development of these social media:


, and

What's more?

Castopod, a new social media network for podcasting from the Fediverse.

Following the post above (please let your friends know), here's the official websites:

mastodon Mastodon

peertube PeerTube

pixelfed Pixelfed

diaspora Diaspora





Further readings is here

Thank you.

@ademalsasa The was started in 2008 with, later It has evolved from ActivityStreams to OStatus (used by StatusNet, later GNU Social), and then to ActivityPub (used by , , and more).

@ademalsasa castopod looks amazing. inspires me to start a podcast rn!

@luka glad to hear that.

@luka @ademalsasa @lemmy_support Bookwrym is such a great site I didn't know that it existed but now that I have discovered it's really awesome ๐Ÿ‘

Are you free software user from South Africa?

We use Ubuntu, an operating system named after an ancient African concept, that is, humanity for others.

Ubuntu, a computer operating system named after an ancient African concept of humanity for others.