Good morning world.

Today I'd like to hear about your solar powered technologies, your sunlight readable screens, your low power - long battery life devices, and your still useful retro tech.

Please to advise?

@ajroach42 This request is 90% of the interesting things in the world.

I’ve been daydreaming about DIY’ing my own tablet for a while now. Less now that PineTab is on the menu, but:
Odroid inside.
3 colour E-ink screen, quick redraw, about 10 inches.
18650 batteries or such for easy replacement/recharge.
Snap in HackRF blue and 20w HF linear amplifier.
Integrated solar panel in the cover: ~12w.
Ubports inside.

La, it would be lovely infotech art. I think I could kludge it together.

@Shufei You have a source for 10" 3-color, quick redraw/partial update eink screens?

@ajroach42 @Shufei *pops in to listen*

@ajroach42 Nyet, hence my patience, haha. I’ve dug around here and there, but most of the big screens are pricey 16 greys, which is jake, but... For aesthetic and cultural reasons, I at least would like red too.

@Shufei @ajroach42 I'm making a kindleberry pi, a jailbroken kindle as a thin client to a pi (:

@vidak @Shufei Neat. I considered doing this before I got my a5.


1972 Bush TR230 transistor radio (same age as myself) as its LF and MF (AM) only I normally use it to listen to Radio Caroline (former pirate station sometimes broadcast from an former fishing trawler) particularly when I am washing the car (I don't want to pollute the environment by running the engine for the car radio, nor deplete my vehicle battery as its a modern DSG transmission rather than stick and can't be push started!)


I am very cautious about PV-solar anything. I believe that responsible energy consumption (enough to do the job, without extravagance) does enormous good in the world, but on the other hand, one must consider where the source comes from. And PV is an incredibly dirty, energy-intensive technology. It generates toxic waste when it's produced, it ends up as toxic waste when it's broken or no longer usable, & there's some doubt as to whether most cells ever generate net energy.

1) A big fan of solar powered wrist watches. No batteries to replace and run for months after a decent charge in sunlight. One big clear chrono and a diver watch with chrono and bezel.
2) Inherited mechanical watch with a tab that opens the back and lets the movement fall out complete. That's what I call Right to Repair
3) 10 year old original Kindle still doing its thing
4) Android 2 tablet that works as a spare kindle with backlight
5) Minidisc still rocking

6)7)8) ..

@publius @ajroach42 Feh. Not to rehash an old debate gone over a million times, but when a solar panel breaks, people can still live nearby in 10000 years without becoming cancer sacks... Plenty of externalities all around, old chap. (Hugs her solar panels like a good hippie.)

@Shufei @publius This particular conversation, if it is to continue, I would prefer to be left out of.

@Shufei @ajroach42

I suggest you look into the ExternE studies done at the University of Karlsruhe, a remarkable attempt to quantify external costs of energy supply technologies.

Personally I'd rather be around something which is sealed into a sturdy steel container than something which is leaching arsenic into the groundwater.

But I don't intend to continue this discussion here, because challenging beliefs with facts never makes anyone happy. You know where to reach me.

@publius @Shufei

And that's a block.

@ajroach42 @publius Wow. So would I, apparently.

@ajroach42 @remotenemesis I still have and regularly use a Gameboy Pocket. Standard batteries (I use NiMH cells, of course) that last hours, and the thing just Does Not Break

Nintendo designed that shit to last

@calcifer @remotenemesis I put a backlight in mine

Does my #Eink terminal count? Viewing Mastodon from the Epaper Terminal

@ajroach42 @remotenemesis slick! I tend to play mine out on my deck, so I haven't modified it in any way.

@DHeadshot @ajroach42 Cool! Do you have a write up / source code to show how you achieved this?

@DHeadshot @ajroach42 I'm currently fiddling with the linux framebuffer in the hopes of grabbing screenshots and drawing them on an e-ink display.

@ricky @ajroach42 I was going to upload thesource when it was done, but I never finished debugging it properly, so it's still as glitchy as the video; but in short, I have a producer-consumer shared memory thing for making and reading the screens so it only displays the latest, a thing that updates the screen based on how many changes in the screen (<5 is done with partial updates, otherwise I use a full update), I basically wrote my own terminal emulator that creates the screens based on the commands read from the program (the XTerm manual helped a lot) and the whole thing is based on the example code for writing to the screen because it gave me a leg up. Also, I can show pictures because I created an escape sequence that tells my terminal to open a specific monochrome bitmap and display it, then I created a script to create that bitmap (imagemagick, of course) and then send the sequence to my terminal, then linked that script into Lynx's image handling mechanism.

@ricky @ajroach42 That was something I'd like to do but aren't skilled enough, so I did a terminal-only equivalent instead.

@DHeadshot @ajroach42 haha, I don't think I'm skilled enough either, but I'm going to try anyways 😂

Thanks for explaining how you did it (writing your own terminal emulator). I like that idea, and might check it out if the framebuffer shenanigans doesn't work out. Cheers!