'The Michelle Obama Podcast' is spotify exclusive and this sucks.
My open source podcatcher cannot catch it.

Sure I have spotify premium but that's more a necessary evil since I don't intent to invest in this ecosystem before hyving funkwhale or some other nice alternative...

Spotify exclusive podcasts don't exist in my eyes.

@saxnot This is just one aspect of Spotify being ... sort of evil. 😑

A podcast is only a podcast if it's distributed as an audio file via a news feed. If your "podcast" is exclusive to any service, be it Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, etc., then it's not a podcast!

@saxnot you don’t have to subscribe to premium to listen to „podcasts“ on . It’s just for ad-free music consumption.

@DHeadshot that's exactly right!

Who does this 'Michelle Obama' person she is when claiming the name of our pirate radio

@hansvurst I already have premium.

I will not support their effort to distribute a previously-decentralized medium to me.

@z428 they're a 'startup' in the traditional sense.

Do crime.
Get big as fast as possible.
Hope nobody notices.
Boom! You're the platform now.

Other crimes:
Uber taxi wages, AirBnB guest security

Spotify mostly moved bootleg files around until the artists were desperate enough to get on the platform.

@saxnot That seems to sum it up pretty well.

@DHeadshot @saxnot I couln't agree more! (Having had a podcast since the early days and months of it's existence.) But still, everyone calls it that way. Let's think up an ugly word for that... Blotcast? Rotcast? Kapotcast? Podknast? (I like that one, but maybe a bit too German :😀 ) Foolcast perhaps... Or else snotcast. No no no SPOTCAST!!

@kdkeller @DHeadshot @saxnot , also very good 🤣