Ok, dear fellow #retroists...

I have a wonderful latex template for writing letters.

I'd like to replicate this with troff in the hopes of getting rid of the gigabyte toolchain behind texlive-full (which is excellent in itself, no bashing here).

Any experiences in that?

Please spread this.


Not directly related, but I was looking at asciidoc the other night and having similar thoughts. Might be worth a look.

@ckeen I have the same issue - I write letters and invoices with latex and I am aware of the fact that I only use a subset of what the toolchain has to offer. A more lightweight approach with less dependencies would be great for this specific usecase.

@esopriester @ckeen Totally not helpful, but would you mind sharing your templates? :D

@ckeen If you do, please blog about it.

@ckeen didn’t get into troff. Instead I started using nix package manager to create an environment that has just the small baseline using texlive.combine

@ckeen basically amounts to this:

And then you can add single packages inside the { } block and get just what you need.

@esureL for letters I derived my template from the following template:


@ckeen I have no "troff' solution, but my (current) solution is to use Emacs Org-Mode to render to HTML (+custom CSS) and generate PDF and printed output from the HTML.

Less lightweight compared to "troff", as it requires a browser for rendering, but more lightweight than texlive.

If you find a solution for "troff", I would be interested.

@ckeen No idea about troff, but maybe you could try it in Postscript?

@cstrotm @ckeen I’m also using Markdown to HTML to PDF with weasyprint, no browser required.
It does mean the occasional HTML element in my Markdown when I need fancy styling.

@kensanata @ckeen Thanks for the link. weasyprint looks great, I will try it.

@cstrotm @ckeen Hier hat's noch ein Makefile, in dem ich die ganze Kette verwende. Ironischerweise steht im README, dass ich die fbb Schriftart verwende, welche man im texlive-fonts-extra Paket findet. 😆
Beispiel PDF: oder

@ckeen $searchengine spit out Never tested it, but I would also be interesting in a working troff/groff version.

I moved away from Latex and dinbriefvorlage for the same reasons. Now I am using LO but that's also a monster for the handful of letters I write per anno.