It looks like I'm going to be building an 8088 PC XT compatible machine, using an NEC v20.

The final machine will have PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports, an OPL3, SVGA, and flash storage.

An OPL3 and SVGA on an 8088 compatible CPU is going to result in a real odd assortment of strengths and limitations that is going to be fun to try and wrap my head around.


SVGA = 800x600 and usually 8 bit color.

OPL3 = the upgraded version of Adlib sound from the Sound Blaster.

But we're going to be powering that from an 8088 compatible CPU. That means most SVGA software, and most software originally written for the OPL3 is out.

Planet x3 should run at full resolution, and sound great, but I don't know of many (any?) other games that will take advantage of this particular set of hardware out of the box. nice, is this using an old motherboard or one of the new make XT class boards?

@LilFluff I'll be building this 8 bit ISA backplane, and the other boards linked from here:

Ignoring gaming, though, there's a whole wealth of software that will run on this hardware.

Communication software, window managers, word processing, spreadsheets, networking, databases, development. I live my life on some emulated 386/486 class DOS machines, and an HP 200LX well in to the 2010s.

I have the technology to make this thing a Daily Driver, with only the barest minimum of support hardware.

(I'll add a parallel port and a printer. I'll connect it to a modem (maybe actually a real modem, maybe an fake modem) and maybe rig up some kind of removable USB storage on com2 powered by an arduino eventually... I mean, that's it I think? Everything else is already available. )

It'll play (fm synth) music, and allow me to create my own music.

I can make graphics and even basic animations. I can do presentations, I can write and edit text, I can code.

With some clever stuff I've already done elsewhere I can write web pages, publish, send and receive email, access the fediverse, etc.

I'm going to try to do all of these things on a z80 based platform as well (though I've spent much less time in CP/M so I don't know how well that's going to work, but we'll see!)

It should be an adventure.

@ajroach42 don't know if you're following @hkz who is doing a similar project

@ajroach42 z80 was/is a great platform. Just in case you need an editor:

(you would be a heathen of-course, but I doubt Emacs would run on cp/m)

Looking forward to some cool news

@ajroach42 using a V20 might help you out a bit there - it implemented the 80186 instruction set, so might get you by with software written to target real mode 286s

I don't pay much attention to the CP/M people but I don't think there's a lot going on in sound/graphics. What action is going on, is in comp.os.cpm

@ajroach42 Not a V30?

@DHeadshot I'm sure the board and bios could support a v30, but I believe the processors my buddy sourced are v20s.