More and more people are getting upset about Chrome doing sneaky stuff. Good.

What absolutely baffles me, is that people are trying to find out if using a modified version of Chromium should still be ok.
You are BY DEFINITION engaging in a fight you CAN NOT WIN.

My previous 'subtle' attempts with apparently weren't clear enough, so here's another try:

If you don't want to get fucked in the ass, you shouldn't evaluate the pros and cons of 'just the tip'.


@FreePietje Mozilla aren't doing anything decent for Privacy either at the moment though - you have to take their engine and modify it to make it so (Icecat, Librewolf, Tor Browser, etc). Based on that, using Ungoogled-chromium is no more of a compromise except that of supporting the Blink stranglehold of the market.

(Note that my main browser is Firefox, but I am trying to move to a more private setup).

"not anything decent" sounds a bit too harsh, but I get your point.

Their CEO should've been fired years ago. The allocation of money and priorities seems questionable. Their current funding model sucks.
So yeah, there's plenty of things wrong with Mozilla.

What they still got going for them is that their intend is not evil.

Also, remember those 'IE-only' sites? If FF' marketshare gets too tiny, that's what we'll get again. Highly doubtful that'll get 'fixed' again though.

@FreePietje There already are Chrome-Only sites, sadly. My next hospital appointment is now a videocall on an NHS site that only works on Chrome!

I already thought there were chrome-only sites, but wasn't sure, hence the cautious phrasing.
It's a sad development, but also predictable. And it'll only get worse.

And unless some billionaire (or sth) gets some 'crazy ideas', we'll have a web fully controlled by
G๐Ÿ‘€gle. There was a time when people thought/realized monopolies weren't a good thing. But that was long ago and I haven't seen any sign of that changing (anytime soon). :-/

@FreePietje I was on a website the other day that was still IE11-only, weirdly. Hopefully when they finish their upgrade to support other browsers, it won't be just Chrome...