Or, at least, I've paid for them.

I'll have them tomorrow.

@ajroach42 this those wyse clients?

@ajroach42 this has big Future Sound of London energy

21 machines. Mostly 2016 era i5s. Mostly no disks or monitors.

Picking them up tomorrow.

@ajroach42 Nice haul.

Everything has at least 2GB onboard RAM, but most have 4. Some have small (256GB) SSDs or (500GB) HDDs, but most will need disks.

Total cost, $725.

$34/box on average.

@ajroach42 Nice! That's the makings of a whole computer lab right there, pretty much.

That is the foundation of the Maker Space Computer Lab.

I need some switches and cables and mice and keyboards and monitors, but I expect I can get most of that donated or thrifted.

@ajroach42 Time to get the LAN Party started.

@crash that's for the ~10 thin clients.

If I understood correctly, I can run a userland driver to get me soundblaster compatibility on them.

@hummingrain That's the idea, yeah.

@kelbot Nah. I might get some of those too, but this is 20 Lenovo Thinkcentres.

@ajroach42 I thought I remembered you planning something like that, but I wasn't positive. That's exciting! I hope it works out well :D

@djsundog That was not something with which I was familiar.

And I was not prepared.

Holy shit sundog. I feel like I've been programmed.

@thegibson It's an office worth of thinkcenters.


We close on the building next Tuesday.

@ajroach42 can confirm you will never be the same.

@ajroach42 @hummingrain All the social media links on your site are for WordPress...

@DHeadshot @hummingrain oof. Good call-out.

@ajroach42 ah, that's newer than my desktop's vintage (although my CPU is faster I'm sure) and it's got plenty of years left in it