Dear #retro bubble

These will need a new home or will hit the trash.

Partially still shrink wrapped.

@ckeen if i didn't already have copies i'd think about it. :)

@ckeen Oh my, maybe I should do this with a lot of boxes we have at the company and where never even used.

@ckeen There's this Youtuber who might be interested.

@ckeen I would love them but I don't have the space...

@ckeen bevor es in die Tonne geht, spende es dem Verein:

@ckeen nooo don't throw away 😭

@ckeen bless!

@ckeen I don't think I'm in a retro bubble (I guess 2 GB RAM is still too much for that...), and I wouldn't use it by now, but anyway I wouldn't throw it away ... so before throwing away and if anybody from Classic Computing takes it, you can ask me.

@Einhjeriar @ckeen LGR might also be a candidate for such stuff

@ckeen What classics! A library should take them.

@ckeen I'd be very interested indeed - how much are you wanting for them? Would need them posting to the UK.

@m0ofx ok @corby has them and I hand over to them for you both to organize the delivery!

@ckeen if this fails to find a home, can put it on one of those "just come over and take it" websites maybe?


Don't you dare to trash them 😂 eBay?

@ckeen @corby thanks!