The Burrow

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A mausritter adventure in the old burrow πŸ”—


This is the first mausritter adventure that I came up with. It all started with the map and it spread out from there. This is a rough translation from my german notes.

You can also download the german pdf.

Summary πŸ”—

The adventurers start in Redrock and are commaned by the mayor Azalea to look after a lost group of field workers. Their traces lead eastwards to an old hill region.

Rumors say that they have been kidnapped by rats. The rats want to shove them into their garbage mines up north. They have found an intermediate base in an old burrow.

The burrow has been an old rabbit temple, which is guarded by centipedes, which are now used by the rats as guardians.

Unknown by the rats the main holy room contains treasures.

The rats captain Claw would also release the mice for some ransom money.

The way to the burrow πŸ”—

The burrow lies in midst of a hilly region. There is a small track leading around the burrow.

It takes the mice 2 watches travelling from Redrock to the burrow.

The burrow has the form of a huge rabbit, it is strongly overgrown. The eyes seem to light up red every now and then.

There is a huge stone in front of the entrance. Mice will be able to sneak by it seperately.

The entrance hall πŸ”—

The entrance hall is lit by glowing moss on the walls. Small niches are on the sides of the room. Mostly empty as the rats have cleared them. Roll for items on the bric-a-brac table. There is a small altar in the back. Contains a trap in form of a rabbit statue with mud plugged ears. In this state the trap is disarmed. Cleaning its ears will arm a trap that will trigger on loud sounds. Triggering the trap will cause rocks to fall on the mice. Behind the altar is a wooden door (closed) that leads to the middle hall.

Middle hall and dungeon πŸ”—

The middle hall consists of a dark tunnel that leads over a wooden suspension bridge. Below the bridge is the dungeon which contains the captured mice. A pulley is mounted on the ceiling with a rope that can reach the 3ft dungeon floor.

The bridge leads on to the watchroom.

Dungeon πŸ”—

It is dark down here, 2D6 mice have been caught and brought down here. The floor is covered with hay. The mice have been disarmed, their belongings have been stored away in the watchroom.

Some mice are trying to carve out a tunnel to the surface. Unknowingly they will hit an ant colony soon on a 2-in-6 chance.

If this happens 2D6 ants will angrily attack the mice if they fail to convince them of their peaceful intentions.

The entrance to a flighttunnel is hidden under a stash of hay.

  • Ant: HP 1, STR 4, DEX 6, WIL 5, AC 1, ATTACK 1D6 bite, wants: Defend the colony

Watchroom πŸ”—

Door to the middle hall and antechamber Lit room with torches on the walls, contains the mice posessions. Bunk beds on one side, table and chairs.

3 rats playing cards and arguing about the game.

  • Rat: HP 3, STR 12, DEX 8, WIL 8, ATTACK 1D6 Axe / Dagger, wants: Guard the mice

Antechamber πŸ”—

The antechamber is lit with glowing moss as the entrance hall.

On both sides of the small chamber there are half round small stone doors. Engraved on them are scary angry centipede faces. If listened on one of them the mice will hear scratching noises.

In the middle there are two dusty step stones, which the rats carefully avoided. When stepped upon each one door opens and releases one hungry centipede.

Door to the main chamber

Nests of the centipedes πŸ”—

Light from above through a shaft, below the stones in the corners there is a valuable treasure in each of the nests.

  • Centipede: 8hp, STR 10, DEX 12, WIL 8, Armour 1Attacks: d6 venomous bite (damages DEX instead of STR) Critical damage: Venom takes effect, d12 damage to STR

Main Chamber πŸ”—

Carpeted Floor, Tapestries on the walls, lit by torches. At the end a heap of rubble under which there is a way to the sanctum. Captain Claw has its headquarter here. The tapestries show hints of the sanctums existance.

Claw may let the mice go unharmed for ransom money.

  • Captain Claw (rat): HP 3, STR 14, DEX 8, WIL 8, ATTACK 1D8 long sword.

Inner sanctum πŸ”—

Contains a magic carpet with woven gold threads (4 inventory slots, 500 pips), 2 lit chandeliers that will not go dark (2 slots, 600 pips each). A chest with 2D6 x 200 pips. A random spell.

Epilogue πŸ”—

When they return with the captured mice the mayor will reward them also with 1D6 x 100 pips.

Encounters πŸ”—

1D6 Encounter
1 A mouse that escaped the rats.
2-3 A firefly lost in the burrow, (HP 1, STR 2, DEX 7, WIL 5)
4 1D6 ants look for another way back to the colony
5 1D6 hungry bugs creep out of the walls (HP 2, STR 4, DEX 6, WIL 4)
6 A lost rat finds her way back to the warren, it is drunk from mead.

Hooks πŸ”—

1D6 Hook
1 Spooky lights can be seen at night from the near village, let the mice investigate
2 A sibling of one mouse has been captured while doing field work
3 A rabbit put out a high reward for retrieving the hidden treasure
4 The burrow contains the cure for a weird desease
5 An escapee mouse asks for help rescuing their fellow workers from the rats
6 Foul weather has forced the mice to take cover in the entrance hall