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WhatsApp fixes 'critical' security bug that put Android phone data at risk

What's the company culture of Kickstarter?

there's a cute little web developer* at work in our basement stairs

(* spider)

This is coolish...
But it troubles me that the Venture Capitalist site promoting this is Squarespace... Shows the inherent disconnect between people doing things for the right reason, and the people who, for their own self-interest, enable them to do so, diluting the ethics, and tending towards apologist open-washing.

I'm increasingly of the view that large publicly listed corporations (usually how VCs made their C) are incompatible with good ethics.

Just anecdotal evidence, but given the number of my coworkers who regularly have Internet issues despite living in relatively urban places, I can only conclude that American ISPs continue to do a terrible job.

Debugging listing #Mastodon posts from my #TorBBS. @ajroach42 @RL_Dane
Reading my timeline posts from within my TorBBS

Stupid poll o'clock, I need to go to bed

When you hear the phrase "Chaos 2", do you think of Sonic Adventure or Robot Wars?

@dosnostalgic I was googling to figure out why I didn't recognize Stan's theme in MI1 (it only existed in the CD version) and stumbled on a mixnmojo post about it!

Does my head in to think that that tune has lyrics and I could karaoke it

fun fact I recently learned: the scumm bar theme is actually an old drinking song

[taps mic]

Go follow @kdenlive, for all of your video editing needs!

I use Kdenlive for all of my video editing for Veronica Explains, and have done so since the very beginning of the channel. It's a fantastic editor and I think they deserve all the support in the world.

They also are running a fundraiser, which you should support if you can, as possibly the strongest alternative to proprietary Windows/Mac-only editors.

Horrifying wiring!

I was looking for a good to adaptor and found this "circuit"... Yeah, think I'll adapt this to stripboard if I use it...

Hi. In honor of , please have this wholesale stolen meme.

"The cannons be ready captain."

"What be our orders now?"

"Why is he always so grumpy?"
"I'm sure he has his reasons but he never says what they be!"


Has anyone started a site/database to track electronic components within commercial products? I think this idea has been mentioned before, I'm definitely not taking credit.

Like you need chip "abc" but can't buy it new or get it today, you can look it up and then go find/scrounge/buy a used toaster or whatever that has the chip.

So, how was your Monday?


Picture of a rivet that penetrated my front right tire of my car. The tire has been removed from its place so I can install the spare.

You all loved the "How do QR codes work" link so here's a story from ABC's "Beyond 2000" explaining the next new thing in retail and how it works. That's right, it's the 2D barcode: