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So some people are passing because they're vegetarian, a few are mad, thinking it's an attempt to insult them by feeding them cheap pies made of bear. Finally I lose my patience and start telling - "It's pear pie, not bear pie. You know, pears, the fruit? Who would bake bears into a pie anyhow?"

People getting food are asking what kind of pie it is, but because I'm wearing a mask they keep thinking I'm saying "bear" instead of pear.

Last night I had this funny dream involving pear pies. I dreamed that I had been asked to bake and serve apple pies at a meal service for homeless and low income people, but for some reason they couldn't get apples and instead got a bunch of pears. So, I bake the pies using the pears and serve them.

anyway here's the 167 lines of sans-rotation code for go-tetris

my favorite part is how we recolor each new shape that gets added. all shapes start as all black. pick a random X and Y; if that stone in the current shape is black, set it to white, if not then recurse. do this twice for every new piece and then every piece is evenly white and black and it's ready to enter play.

"OK, rotation is all I have left. can't be that hard, right?"

OK I think I got everything except rotation now?

rotation might be the hardest part tho

a go board, but all pieces in tetromino arrangements

oh right, let's get this up so yall can try it for yourself:

there's no rotation and only a very limited number of tetrominoes so far, and you can't hold down keys

also I haven't implemented certain rules like ko, because I don't *think* it's relevant here?

my kids convinced me to make a mashup of Go and Tetris in this morning; welcome to a completely normal weekend here in my house

@ajroach42 Not a V30?

Self-built IBM-XT compatibile is up and running! Couldn't find a 28.636Mhz crystal, just a 14.318 one, so I'm stuck with a 4.77Mhz clock and a turbo mode of 7.16Mhz (no 9.55 for now).
Serial port, CF, audio, floppy and VGA all tested fine! Now I just need the smaller 8bit backplane and to drill holes in the brackets.

I'm reading an article in Tedium by @ernie about early computer stores:

It's making me miss a Radio Shack that was barely around by the time I was born, and to long for a kind of personal computer experience that I've never really been able to have.

@Roxy Will they do so for 3 months though...?

Fuck Instacart

Instacart is firing every employee who voted to unionize

The layoffs are hitting 10 unionized workers in Skokie, Illinois, in addition to other Instacart employees

By Zoe Schiffer 

on January 21, 2021 2:15 pm

Good morning!

Don't be too hard to yourself today. Live is hard, people can be exhausting.

If you have some strength left, be kind.

And for all else there's black coffee...

Can't believe Trump pardoned the Xenomorph Queen from Aliens (1986)

I remember someone on here posting a blog about their family tapes and them on a server for their family, but I can't find any links in my bookmarks or favourites and I can't remember the name of the software used for hosting the to narrow down a websearch either - anyone able to help?


Hm, after an moving upgrade my pinetab display stays dark. Any idea on how to debug this further

Now if only I could teach her to swap cables instead of just playing with them.

Brown tabby cat sitting behind a sound console.