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@CKsTechnologyNews I've dealt with incessant DMCA reports from *one* company,, about content on for *months* and I finally just sent them a long, scathing email explaining what Nitter was and how their notice is, one, legally invalid because the content is cached, and two, perjury because Twitter owns the images, not the individual who posted them.

Haven't heard back yet.

(I am not a lawyer)

Nur einmal angenommen, ihr klickt auf eBay nach mechanischen Tastaturen, und stolpert zufällig über Atomraketensiloequipment:

@ajroach42 @wilbr Which Baker? Tom or Colin?

How do you pronounce the letter Z

More spam ends up in my Gmail inbox than my self-hosted one and I'm not even using a spam filter on the latter

I think people I converse with on the #fediverse are....

Who needs spotify when you can just listen to toot-lab radio, and

(Sorry, I know I sound like a bit of a Noob - while I've been using IRC since 2007ish (when people still said things like "Noob"), I've never found a guide, so I've just picked up things as I've gone along...)

@ckeen @ajroach42 The documentation mentions about BNCs, but doesn't give any details...

@ckeen @ajroach42 Wait, seriously? That's a very kind offer. I don't know, though, whether it would work with AndChat (the last non-spyware version of AndChat from Google Play, before they took it down) as I can't find a "Proxy" setting. I don't suppose you know whether a standard IRC client without special settings would work with a bouncer?

@amolith Looks good, but does videochat/voicechat work on Windows yet? If so, full cross-platform compatibility would basically make it a Skype-killer! (Not quite a Zoom-killer, but close).

@ajroach42 An IRC bouncer - you connect your IRC client to the bouncer and the bouncer connects to the network. It's often the best way of connecting from a phone because if the bouncer is on a stable network, the channel doesn't get flooded with notifications every time you move from WIFI to Mobile Data and back, etc.

Please note that I don't use a bouncer for my phone but really should as I'm continually yelled at on irc:// for that exact thing! My reasoning for not is they usually cost money sadly.

@ajroach42 It was easy until you said "iPhone"... At that point, I would've thought a Bouncer that can do Onions is the safest option?

Suppose you wanted to connect to an IRC server hosted on an .onion address from an iPhone.

How would you approach that?

One option would be an ssh client and another sshe server to act as jump-host.

But is that the best option?

Do a lot of downloading kids' songs from YouTube for Kiddo. Did you know pretty well every kids song begins with a cute cartoon character begging you to click the subscribe button, and ends with a cute cartoon character teasing you about more songs you could watch?

Yeah, we don't want Kiddo watching that shit, so I've worked up a wee bit of fish scripting that uses ffmpeg and vlc and dialog to help you carve out the beginning and ending trailers at the correct cut points.

Yes, I do my personal scripting in fish instead of a Bourne shell. Sue me.

Anyway, it works FAIRLY well, though not 100%. Feel free to use it if you are also a person of culture who downloads stuff from YouTube and wants to cut out the ads.

What about enbies?


Scammers are trying to sell "Tor Project Tokens." This scam has no relation to the Tor Project, and we are working to get rid of this account asap.

Stay safe!

> Strubell’s study found that one language model with a particular type of “neural architecture search” (NAS) method would have produced the equivalent of 626,155 pounds (284 metric tons) of carbon dioxide—about the lifetime output of five average American cars. A version of Google’s language model, BERT, which underpins the company’s search engine, produced 1,438 pounds of CO2 equivalent in Strubell’s estimate...