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2020/03/26 6:25:21 PM UTC

If you have US Student Loans - the federal student program is offering an emergency forbearance, non-capitalized, for 60 days "or further notice." It reduces your payments AND INTEREST to 0 for the duration, but you have to opt in:

2020/03/26 11:15:06 AM UTC

Me and a colleague are joking about the idea to open a CAD office.
But i'm serious about it, but only using FOSS tools.
Here's a list about what i though we can use to substitute the commercial software:

Windows -> Debian
Autocad -> #LibreCAD
Inventor/Creo -> #FreeCAD
Skype -> Jitsi/Jami + eventually XMPP
Teamviewer -> OpenVPN server+*VNC
Additional, a 3D printer? Are there FOSS versions?

What i would like to know from you: are LibreCAD and FreeCAD ready or at least usable for "serious" work?

Boosts welcome!


2020/03/26 7:39:10 AM UTC

terrible joke

"Don't call me a grave robber, I prefer 'Decryption Expert'."

2020/03/26 1:38:42 PM UTC

we are interested in your opinions/preferences on standalone keyboards as input for the design of the MNT Reform Standalone Keyboard. if you have 5 minutes to spare and don't mind Google Forms:

if you'd rather not fill out a Google Form, you can also give some answers here and we'll try to incorporate them.

2020/03/26 1:36:03 PM UTC

Check out the Jami wiki, it contains technical documentation and resources for anyone who wants to understand how Jami works or if you want to develop something with the platform.

Link to documentation:

2020/03/23 10:21:25 PM UTC


If people ask me,
I always tell them:
"Quite well, thank you, I am very glad to say."
If people ask me,
I always answer,
'Quite well, thank you, how are you to-day?'
I always answer,
I always tell them,
If they ask me
I wish

That they wouldn't.

A. A. Milne

2020/03/23 10:19:10 PM UTC

Isn't this basically how MagicWormhole works?

2020/03/23 10:16:46 PM UTC

"As soon as it gets into a human airway, the virus hijacks our cells to create millions more versions of itself. Before its host even develops symptoms, it is already spreading replicas and moving on to its next victim."

We keep telling people they can't know if they're infected, but nobody is listening

2020/03/23 7:51:25 PM UTC

Awesome documentary about the Helvetica font!

2020/03/23 9:03:03 PM UTC

"Do not have any physical contact or be nearby to any customer when you give out the order"

Me, giving the customer their food like this

2020/03/23 2:38:43 PM UTC

Some scary things in there, like not being able to get rid of dodgy government etc and the fact that it'll be far easier to hide a murder if you make it look a little covid19ish!

2020/03/23 11:27:38 AM UTC


I probably have more sympathy than most for those who have been isolated as a result of C-19, but the Greggs across the road should really not be this busy.

I could probably look the other way if some particularly lonely people just needed someone to talk to, but quite a few folks are treating this like a public holiday.

Eh, if people don't care about the climate emergency, then there's probably no reason they'd care about this.

2020/03/23 2:30:48 PM UTC

It can kill the young too: an 18 year old died of covid yesterday!

2020/03/23 2:27:12 PM UTC

So much for social distancing there...