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@kelbot Huge if true

@amolith The "hood" is the roof of a convertible over here...

@amolith Yup. And what you call the "Trunk" is the boot.

From the 'Arcane Bullshit' bookface page 😂

HP Lovecraft is a boring loser
Who cares about his racist fish myths? He can fuck off. 

 Kick him. / Fuck him of.f / I am sh'ht. 

Here are 6 CLASSIC temtacle fucks for all to enjoy, free of racism. 

Cathy the big big (too much) Madness Squid 
I fucking dare you to try handling this (large) amount of madness squid.

PPPPPPP... (Approximately 30 P's)
Imagine an impossible to imagine fish, except this one's really weird and it gets you all messed up.

(just whatever letters you want)
So scary and comes from Mars. Well, it's like Mars but wet as hell. WET MARS.

Vincenzo the mean snail ("I don't like your shirt.")
The meanest snail His purposes are too large and too cosmic to comprehend.

Idk, a frog pyramid?
It's weird to explain, but basically a frog pyramid.

wfpjofsd pootis
A strange miasma of fish math, bright lights, and wet goop.
* Rated G, for Goop.

Well damn. This is an interesting thread

It looks like the previous "experiment" Greg references is here.

I hope none of my professors have done shit like this blobThinkingEyes

@ajroach42 @hummingrain All the social media links on your site are for WordPress...

Nestlé when they realize a human body contains 64% of water: blobcateyes

Oi Google!
FLoC off!

Dude made thinkpads with pixel Qi displaya:

I'm glad they sold out before I saw one, so now I'll have to build one instead of buying it.

I wish the company that owned the pixel qi display tech (they're only like half an hour from me) would return my emails.

I guess I need to call them.

okay okay, he wasn't around for "Africa," but he did compose "Ewok Celebration"

the lead singer of Toto is the son of John Williams

@ajroach42 @KoreusZ A few (like about 10) years back I bought a lot of coins on ebay for my coin collection. Quickest way to waste a lot of money. They're nice to have and may not cost that much individually, but as they're small items it's easy to get carried away and lose a lot of money. I've learned my lesson on that one...

@ajroach42 I wonder how many of the items in the Consumer Prices Index standard Basket of Goods (used for tracking inflation) are comparable: (sourced from the 2021 XLSX file downloadable from here: )?

@ajroach42 @thegibson @djsundog

note: you arent a jerk, its just rhymes and i find it Funi (tm)

side note: "song stuck in head" one is ALSO from a mastodon trashpost

sensitive media
text reads:

Song stuck in head? Doctor takes stephoscope to a paitent's head hears "Venga Party Bus" on loop!

Nerd snipped jerk buys roman coins so he doesnt get rekt for cab fair when he goes back in time to the roman era!

@thegibson Gibs, these are more than a thousand years old, neat looking, in reasonably good condition, and less than $15.

That's gotta be good for something.

So, uhh, about a dollar? Unless it was a lot less? Except it might have also been more, and Roman people basically didn't buy any of the things we buy today, so apples to apples is impossible anyway.

via wikipedia:

"Nummus is a Latin term meaning "coin", but used technically by modern writers for a range of low-value copper coins issued by the Roman and Byzantine empires during Late Antiquity.

The word was also used during the later years of the Roman Republic and the early Empire, either as a general word for a coin, or to describe the sestertius, which was the standard unit for keeping accounts."




According to that article:

"By 305 AD a modius of wheat sold for between 2 and 10 nummi depending on location.

Around 320 AD we have a record of bread selling at Antioch for 2 nummi."

(A modius is 10 days of wheat, baked loaves were a luxury.)

It goes on to talk about prices for other goods, but basically by 320 or so, a Nummus was about a modern dollar.

Except, what even is a Nummus?