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I am so close to write my own budgeting software....

What are you using?

My must have features:

- foss, I need to build it for some peculiar OS/HW combinations
- local only, no cloud


- sync with other devices (or central self hosted server)

@amolith Wait, are you moving from Pleroma to Misskey?!

Anybody want to hear me rant about a paper that tries to teach a computer ethics?

Because having a blackbox model decide what's moral and what's just is healthy for a democratic society!

The big answer for "why isn't this more widely distributed?", in my experience so far, has boiled down to:

1) We didn't think anyone cared.
2) It would be too expensive.
3) We're not sure if we're allowed to.
4) Pay Me.

1) and 2) are often wrong.

3) and 4) can be bigger problems (which is to say that "Pay Me" is usually more about turning profit than it is about the cost of archival.)

Could dark matter be helium (and the universe be 90 billion years old)?

Someone shared an article about this paper¹ yesterday, and while looking for the actual paper in the journal I ran across this paper² proposing that dark matter (which they claim should be called "invisible matter") could be mostly helium. Their theory might require that the universe actually be 90 billion years old, and they give an argument for how it could be that old.


All these billionaires are going to jupiter to get more stupider, they should be going to college to get more knowledge

Gene Autry - Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves - The lesser 78 project

Gene Autry - Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves - Columbia 20929, Released 03 May 1952 This is the B Side. The A side is Stop Your Gamblin’

Archived from a 78RPM Shellac 10” Record by Ellijay Makerspace.

Ellijay Makerspace presents the Lesser 78 project. One of several large media archival projects we’re building out here at the maker space.

This isn’t The Great 78 Project we’re not George Blood LP and I’m not TEXTFILES but we’re doing our part to archive media.

ok somehow it's my birthday AGAIN so I'm doing what I did last time this happened: if you're one of the first five people to send me a receipt for at least $300 donated to one of the orgs listed below I'll send you one of these weird handmade mechanical keyboards I build

smol wooden mechanical keyboard

I didn't know KeePassXC had the ability to merge entries from other database files blobfoxowonotice

now I can get rid of all the damn keepassdb_YYYY-MM-DD.kdbx files that nextcloud shits out every time there's a conflict blobfoxcomfysip

Kinda reminiscent of how American cars have writing on the switches and buttons instead of symbols as they don't anticipate any non-English-speakers buying their product...

Also: happy birthday. Like me, you can no longer count your age in binary on one hand (unless you're from certain parts of Norfolk 😉).

Your age is a *multiple* of two for roughly half your life. Your age is a *power* of two probably no more than 7 times though.

Gibt es unter unseren Followern Menschen, die in einer (Hilfs)Organisation tätig sind, die akt. in einer der Flutregionen aktiv ist? Gibt es jetzt oder mittelfristig einen Bedarf an Computerhardware?

If you're in the area, the Houston Computer Museum is liquidating its entire collection, mostly pre-2000 machines: Selected images of available items attached.

$ tar -cf idk.tar /dev/null
tar: Removing leading '/' from member names
$ wc -c idk.tar
10240 idk.tar

when looking inside it with 7zip, it contains a folder "dev" which contains a file "null" of size 0 bytes and permissions "crw-rw-rw-"

I wonder what happens if I run tar -cf idk.tar /dev/null

Fediverse, I’m planning to buy a drawing tablet to replace my mouse. Is there anything not obvious that I should know about?

anything is a spark gap if you have enough volts

This was a real scummy thing for Nintendo to do (even though they have done worse in the past). Nintendo Switch users need to read this.

Became aware of this adorable & minimalist blog system.

I now have something to read in my spare time in addition to books.

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